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For a senior at Care Haven, this is home

A real home welcoming seniors with memory loss

This may not be the colonial or split level where Mom raised your family. Still, it’s a house you’ll both love. She’ll enjoy its beautiful furnishings and familiar feel, while you’ll be thrilled that she’s both safe and cherished here. Above all, these are happy homes, perfect for seniors with memory loss (and their families, too).

So, quit worrying about the hazards your loved one meets alone in the bathtub, back turned to the stovetop or at the top of the basement stairs. Relax as Mom strolls the garden paths within our fenced yards rather than wandering far afield.

Most of all, stop feeling guilty when you’re not at her side.

After all, the care here is better than any you could arrange in your house or hers. Honestly,

  • Is your home ideal for someone with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or another form of memory loss?
  • Moreover, are you prepared to provide the expert, round-the-clock personal and medical care required — leaving sleep, work and all other responsibilities behind?
  • If not, can you afford 24-hour, in-home private care (then fill in whenever a caregiver doesn’t show up as scheduled)?

Most of us can’t. So, come home to Care Haven, where life is safe, calm and comforting for people with memory loss. In addition, an entire staff of compassionate, professional caregivers joins your team. Like you, we’re all dedicated to giving your loved one the respect and individualized attention they deserve whenever they need it. Isn’t that the care you promised?

The home your senior deserves

Peek into one of our houses to find:

  • A resident sharing her recliner and favorite book with a grandchild
  • Another rolling out cookie dough in the kitchen, humming a favorite tune
  • Two sports fans watching highlight reels on TV, comparing lists of all-time greats
  • Our bird watcher, turning from the window for a chat with the house parakeet
  • A pair of avid puzzlers quietly piecing a jigsaw at the card table
  • A gardener back from watering our beds, now resting peacefully in hers

In other words, all the comforts of home. (For a complete picture, visit A Day in the Life.)

Virtual tour

See why a senior feels at home here

We invite you to tour these unique senior care homes, at first, virtually. Please browse the galleries below to see how premier memory care looks.

If you like what you see (and we know you will), then schedule a visit!

Curbside view

Our yards

Welcome in!

Bedrooms, beauty stations & bathrooms

See What Better Care Looks Like!

See What Better Care Looks Like!