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A Giant Load Has Been Lifted From Us

A giant load has been lifted from us, and we take great pride in knowing that we have provided Mother with the highest level of care possible.
– Chip & Kyra Z.

Felt Like We Were There & Part of Her Life

I especially appreciated when the staff would email us updates on Grandma, and pictures from the last party or fun event. This was a way to feel like we were there and a part of her life even on the days that we couldn’t visit.
– Karen M.

Felt Like “Home”

To find a place that almost felt like “home” – where Dad would have personal attention and loving care – was an answer to a prayer. The fact that the caregiver staffing level was high, and that his unique needs were noticed and met, meant so much to us. That a nurse was on-site was so helpful.
– Carol C.

Simply Amazed

We were simply amazed, day after day, at all the things they did for the residents. It was not just the nursing or medical care one expected – it was all the activities and extra effort to entertain residents and further the family atmosphere.
– Doug B. & Jeanne L.

Exceeded My Expectations

Care Haven Homes has exceeded my expectations as a home for the care of my dear friend, Betty. As her Power of Attorney, I wanted her to live in a place where dignity, compassion, comfort and safety were foremost.
– Cheryl B.

I Felt So Secure

When we moved Mother, her quality of life instantly improved, as did mine. I felt so secure in her situation that I no longer needed to daily monitor her care.
– Bobbie M.

Caregivers Were Attentive & Kind

If we had the decision to make again, we would move our loved one to Care Haven sooner rather than later.

The caregivers were attentive and kind to my mother-in-law. Other residents were treated with equal respect and, quite frankly, love.

It may sound cliché, but Care Haven became her home. Little things that mattered so much to her were put in place, and she truly seemed content and happy there. She thrived in the family atmosphere Care Haven provided.
– Lucia R.

Mom Is Well Cared For

Our family couldn’t be happier. Mom is well cared for, and the staff is caring, responsive and friendly. I most appreciate that the home is in a regular house, in a residential neighborhood, with a lovely view and garden.
– Connie K.

It Is A Privilege To Write This Review

The staff is kind, caring and compassionate and we could not be happier with our decision. Mom is happy, laughing, and it is a joy to see her so well-cared for at Care Haven!

It is a privilege to write this review, as we are so grateful to have found such a lovely living arrangement for our wonderful Mom.
– Nancy M. & Sandie M., speaking for our entire family

Better Staff, Better Service

The intimate setting and dedicated staff sets Care Haven Homes apart from traditional nursing care facilities. Better staff, better service, and a more comfortable environment that residents can call home.
– Jamie F.

She Is The Happiest

So happy Mom is living at Care Haven. She is the happiest that I have seen her in a long, long time! Small group of wonderful people living there means more attention for each one. Very glad we found you….feel so much better about Mom’s care!
– Debbie D.

Senior Living at Its Finest!

Care Haven Homes is senior living at its finest!
– April L.

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care have homes

care have homes

See What Better Care Looks Like!

See What Better Care Looks Like!