I can’t say enough good things about Care Haven Homes. They are about the best place you can have your loved one with dementia to get cared for. It may likely be among the best, if not the best in the Kansas City area. I have heard from service providers they also think it is about the best place in the KC area.

The owner, management and care staff are wonderful and competent people who actually have passion and care for their residents, unlike large institutional corporate places where profit is the main motive.

My mother lived at the Sunflower House for her final 5 1/2 years, and it turned out to be the best decision we could have made. Neil, Courtney, Lynne, Jeanine, Carl, and everyone else were very helpful and caring to make sure my mother had the best personalized care. It made me feel much more comfortable than her being at a large place. My mother became more of an introvert in her later years, and would have freaked out if being sent to a large facility. We visited a number of other facilities, and we made the right choice. I had to work out of town for a couple of years, and if she was anywhere else, I wouldn’t have been able to do it, as I would have been too worried about her. Some caregivers even had somewhat of a personal touch and interest in helping my mother out, which helped enormously. They almost felt like part of our family (or us part of theirs). My mother was there during the first several months of the Covid-19 era, and she was kept safe and comfortable, which was a really challenging time for everyone.

Most memory-care homes don’t have the caregiver-to-resident ratio that you get with the concept of less than 10 residents in a nice clean suburban home converted to a care facility. They have varying degrees of care levels at different homes they operate. We weren’t aware of this option when we started looking around, and we were lucky to find it.

I recommend them and anyone who has a loved one who has dementia, should check out what they offer. It may be the best decision you can make for them.

Thank you Care Haven, for providing my mother such great care in her final years.

– James Zinn