I began my work journey with Care Haven Homes in high school and it has continued throughout my college career. Being with this company for so many years (~5) grants this experienced and honest review. I would like to begin with praising the company for the exemplary care that is not only required by employees but is passionately given to the residents. I did my clinical at a big nursing facility and I was weary about using my CNA/CMA licensure at one because I did not like what I saw. After being referred by my brother to apply to this company, I quickly understood why this was a sought after company for loved ones. The home environment model is taken to another level and one that is more genuine and positive for loved ones with such a difficult mental disease such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The intimate home setting has allowed me to build very close relationships with my coworkers, but most importantly, the residents. The ratio of no more than 4:1 allows for your loved one to be taken care of like one would expect if I were to take care of my parents in my very own home. There is no other place that I have ever witnessed (during my clinicals for licensure) that gives residents the amount of attention, love, and kindness that myself and everyone that works for Care Haven can give to your current or future loved one. I am so blessed to have found this company and I promote it to my college peers whenever I can. <3

– Cin Mel.