In our last post, I noted that the biggest misconception about Alzheimer’s disease is that it’s all about memory loss.

Alzheimer’s is about connections and short circuits. It’s about tangling and fraying in the wiring of the brain, the central nervous system and the rest of the body’s systems.

As this info graphic shows, symptoms of Alzheimer’s affect much more than our memories.


5 Things You Need to Know About Alzheimer's

No one has discovered how to stop or repair Alzheimer’s damage to the brain and body.

We have, however, made major breakthroughs in understanding how Alzheimer’s distorts a person’s experience of the world. Every day we learn a little more about how to better

  • Comfort our loved ones, protecting them from unnecessary fear or discomfort, and
  • Preserve their vital social connections.

Most importantly, we’ve learned that we provide better care when WE forget about judging abilities or behaviors and cherish our loved ones for being who they are today, in this moment: important members of our family and community.

Understanding more about Alzheimer’s short circuits can help you rewire your relationship with your loved one. We can provide the diagram and the tools – if you continue to follow this series. Subscribe so you won’t miss our next post: Step 4 – Embrace.