Beulah, who lives in our Fontana home, is Care Haven Homes’ oldest resident. Last Valentine’s Day, we were privileged to help celebrate her 105th birthday.

The whole county got behind us! The Best Times magazine ran a feature on the birthday girl. The Johnson County Board of Commissioners issued a Certificate of Special Commendation; Chairman Ed Eilert and Commissioner Jason Osterhaus presented it at Beulah’s party.

From the article:

Beulah Montgomery Janssen was born just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day 1913.


Elsewhere, suffragettes marched. Woodrow Wilson practiced his inaugural address. Henry Ford tinkered with the first moving assembly line. Fellow newborns Rosa Parks, Jimmy Hoffa and Mary Leakey napped.


Leakey would go on to discover the earliest human footprints. Most footprints young Beulah saw blew away. She came of age in north central Kansas during what she called “the Dirty Thirties:” the Dust Bowl Era.


Beulah Montgomery was born in a farmhouse near Covert, Kansas – now a ghost town. . . .

READ Beulah’s story, from her ornery youth, to a courting as a “flirty hasher,” to family life without indoor plumbing on the farms and oilfields of northwestern Kansas. See page 10 of The Best Times’ March-April 2018 issue for the rest of the story.

Party Highlights

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