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The Care Haven Difference

A Care Haven home is an attractive, secure ranch-style house nestled in a quiet neighborhood. Each is a community, typically of 8 residents, sharing a warm, family-style setting. A professional care team assists this small group round the clock so each resident continues to enjoy day-to-day life in pleasant, familiar surroundings. The ratio of residents to caregivers in a Care Haven home typically is 4:1.

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or a similar memory disorder,
you struggle to provide the right care.

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You’d like to find a real home - warm and welcoming, in which residents live comfortably and with dignity, engaged in activities tailored to fit their interests and capabilities, supported by professionals who care ABOUT as well as FOR them.

You'll find all this in a
Care Haven Home

You'll find all this in a
Care Haven Home

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The demands on a family caregiver can become overwhelming -

Supplemental in-home services are costly and difficult to coordinate -

Standard assisted living facilities don’t offer ENOUGH assistance -

Most memory care units seem too large and impersonal.

Care Haven Homes: Professional Memory Care in the Warm of a Home

Formerly Comfort Care Homes of Kansas City

Alzheimer's Basics



3rd Step to Better Alzheimer’s Care: EMBRACE

5 Secrets to Better Days with Alzheimer's

We’re told to embrace the moment. How do you embrace a moment you share with Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer's Basics



2nd Step to Better Alzheimer’s Care: EMPATHIZE

Symptoms of Alzheimer's - The Big Picture

Info graphic shows how Alzheimer’s affects more than our memories. Understanding its short circuits can help you reconnect with your loved one.

Alzheimer's Basics




5 Things You Need to Know About Symptoms of Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s short circuits connections within the brain, the body’s systems and social relationships. Learn how you can “rewire” your bonds with loved ones living with Alzheimer’s.

"When we moved Mother to Care Haven Homes,
her quality of life instantly improved, as did mine. I felt so secure in her situation,
that I no longer needed to daily monitor her care.”

Bobbie M.

Liberty, MO

The Care Haven Difference: Better Alzheimer’s Care

  • Attractive ranch homes nestled in quiet neighborhoods
  • Small communities, of 8 or fewer residents, sharing a warm, family style setting
  • The close, personal attention of compassionate professionals – round the clock – working together to help everyone make the most of each day
  • The comfort & security of an environment specially designed for people with memory loss
  • Five houses catering to different levels of cognitive & physical ability, allowing most residents to live in Care Haven’s homes from Alzheimer’s early through last stages
  • The difference that an attentive, local owner & approachable management team can make


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Care Haven Homes

3848 West 75th Street

Prairie Village, KS 66208

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